Bill Diez Owner/ Driver

           Bill Diez, 34 years old resident of Riverside, CA has been involved in boats his entire life. His interest in boat racing started at an early age as a spectator, going to the races with his Dad. In 1994, when Bill heard that Top Fuel Hydro legend Ron Bruaksma was looking for a crew member, Bill jumped at the opportunity. In 1995 Ron was the crew chief of Don Cox's Notorious Blown Gas Hydro, and Bill was there to help win the 1995 NJBA Blown Gas Hydro high points championship. In 1996 Bill joined Andy De Ment's "Red Alert" Blown Gas Flat. In 1997 "Red Alert" moved up to Top Alcohol Flat and Bill moved up to the crew chief position. In 1998 Andy, Bill and the "Red Alert" team won IHBA Top Alcohol Flat high points runner-up.

             Bill was offer the driving duties in the "First Offense" Blown Gas Flat, not only did Bill drive the boat, he was also crew chief and was responsible for the hardware set up and tuning. In his first year driving, he attended six races, went to five final rounds and took home four 1st place trophies and was NJBA high points runner-up in the 10-second index class.

             Bill took some time off from driving in 2000/2001 to build his own boat.While still working on the "Red Alert" team, Andy convinced Bill to build an alcohol engine for his boat. Bill built the engine and fabricated almost every part for the boat himself. At the end of the 2001 season, The Ace of Spades team were off to their first race. Bill got his IHBA competition drivers lisence at his first IHBA event. The 2002 season proved to be very successful, winning the NJBA Top Alcohol Flat high points runner-up

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Ace of Spades #010

Blown Alcohol Flat

* 1998 Victory Runner Bottom

* Bottom blueprinted by Andy De Ment

* Hardware and installation by Flatties Speed and Marine

* Custom anodizing by Aluminart

* 431 cubic inch blown alcohol Chevrolet built by Flatties Speed and Marine

* Approximately 1200 to 1400 horsepower

* 10 7/8 x 16 propeller by RB propellers

* Boat, motor, driver and fuel weigh 1800 pounds

* Built to run 8 second index

* Speeds of 130 to 140 MPH

* 0 to 120 MPH in 4.5 seconds

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The most important part of any race team is the crew. The Ace of Spades crew consists of some of the most dedicated and talented people involved in the sport. Wielding a combined 30 years plus of dragboat racing, these guys can handle anything that gets thrown their way

Crew chief Tim hull (pictured here on the left), an avid boater himself, has been involved with the Ace of Spades team since day one. Tim is in control of all the team action and works closely with Bill on the hardware and tune-up to keep the boat in racing form.

Sonny De Noyer (pictured here on the left), is the newest member of the team. He handles 1/2 of the engine maintenance. Keeping the boat in show-quality condition also falls to Bill's friend of 25 years and Sonny has proved to be a definate asset to the team.
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